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When requesting a quotation or availability please include the pertinent information, such as Cummins fuel pump codes, Cummins fuel injector part numbers, Cummins diesel engine serial numbers, OE part numbers, etc.

With any one of the above codes or numbers, detailed information will be made to you efficiently.

Thanking you.


* All manufacturers' names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference only. It is not implied that any part is the product of the manufacturer. Cummins ? (Celect, QSM , ISM, ISX, QSK, etc) is the registered trademarks of Cummins, Inc. (Cummins Engine Company), Caterpillar and Cat are registered trademarks of Caterpillar, Inc., Detroit Diesel is a registered trademark of Detroit Diesel Corporation, and Komatsu is a registered trademark of Komatsu Ltd.

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